Intel Core i7 Xtreme “best” gaming pc 2 x 4870×2 crossfire

follow me on twitter : GamerRO25 Click here for my EXTREME gaming computer 2011 UPDATE : This was the first gaming PC with intel core I7 on youtube ! UPDATE: i have now 2 x 5870 in crossfire and also a intel 160gb SSD and a Crucial 64gb SSD UPDATE : i changed my cooler again to a Thermalright extreme black. Look in my latest video in HD UPDATE. I did oc my core i7 940 to a extreme core i7 965 only by changing the “bus speed” from 133 to 145. Everything is stable and i have now a 965 3.2ghz but half the price ;) UPDATE: i changed the cpu cooling and also the psu ( now 1050W ). I made a video with the new things. Check it out…. My new gaming computer. intel CORE i7 940 2.93ghz, 6gb ram ddr3 1333mhz, 2 X 4870×2 crossfire and Asus p6t Deluxe motherboard. 1050W psu 24″ Samsung lcd I is so fast i can not belive it!!! i will make all kind of benchmarks and tests with this new rig. old cpu: Q6600 3ghz / Core i7 2.93ghz ……………………………… 4gb ram ddr2 / 6gb ram ddr3 4870×2 / 4870×2 crossfire Vantage Xtreme : 7108 / 11781 Gpu: 6994 / 11556 Cpu: 10286 / 18696 Test1: 22.68 / 36.52 Test2: 18.22 / 31.09 3D Mark 06 : 16327 / 21010 SM: 6171 / 7478 HDR: 8257 / 11166 CPU: 4250 / 5395 I will update the score on the core i7 when new drivers are out, i am sure the results will be even better. I am using now the lates ATI driver for the x58 beta driver.
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